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Be the dealer, win other players money anyone

From: Roberta Bronstein
Subject: Be the dealer, win other players money anyone
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 19:00:53 +0300

Be the Dealer  -OR-  the Player in our Award Winning Casino!

Totalplayers.biz offers great daily, weekly and monthly Promotions.
These Promotions include Cash prizes, Dealer Point bonuses, and other exciting offers. Be sure to visit Totalplayers.biz to win the benefits & prizes our site offers!

   Totalplayers.biz offers daily attractions, events, and promotions
   that include Super Games, cash prizes, coupons, and much more.

   For the latest events and attractions visit here.

   You will receive a cash b0nus of up to $200 on your initial deposit!
   Simply make your first deposit to your Totalplayers.biz account and we'll
   instantly add an additional 20% of your deposit to your bankroll.

   20% Cash B0nus Details Here

   As Player, you accumulate 1 Dealer Point for every dollar you place as a bet.
   As Dealer, 1 Dealer Point is deducted for every 1 dollar bet against you.
   To become the Dealer you need to have a minimum amount of Dealer Points.

   E.g. on a $200 dollar deposit you will receive 400 Dealer Points for each
   game - Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machine, and Video Poker.
   (You receive 200% on your initial deposit, no matter how high!)

   As our valued player you can convert your Dealer Points to real money !
   To covert your Dealer Points to real money, go to the Cashier and click on
   "Deposit"->"Dealer Points" and click on "Submit".
   The conversion ratio is displayed and the money is deposited to your
   casino account immediately.

   From now on you will instantly receive a $25 House Bonus for every
   player who deposits money (no minimum required).
   You can now refer your friends using your personally customized link,
   which is available, after signing up, in your Account administration page.

Bring ALL your friends and start playing TODAY!

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