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Re: Resizing ext2 and ext2

From: Jonathan Reed
Subject: Re: Resizing ext2 and ext2
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:35:45 -0400

This is the same problem I sent mail about a while back. (sometime last month). It seems to be related to sparse superblock layout. I found that if you do mke2fs -O none, parted will work fine. It doesn't seem to be RHEL-specific. If you do mke2fs -O sparse_super and have a large enough partition (say several GB) on any recent Linux, it'll fail with the same message.

I never got a reply to my initial mail though, and I don't know enough filesystem-fu to attempt to submit a patch.


At 10:25 AM -0700 6/28/04, Nikolay Enev wrote:
I am not able to resize partitions under RHEL 3.0. The error is :"No implementation. This ext2 filesystem has a rather strange layout. Parted cannot resize this (yet)." I am using a generic Adaptec AIC driver on a 160 MB/s SCSI drive. Suggestions ?

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