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Re: [RFC] Restoring HDIO_GETGEO semantics

From: Anthony Ewell
Subject: Re: [RFC] Restoring HDIO_GETGEO semantics
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 17:37:38 -0700
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Szakacsits Szabolcs wrote:

On 2 Jul 2004, Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:

You will find that the default_* files (i.e., the geometry from the
extended INT13 interface) match the values returned by HDIO_GETGEO.

If my memory serves well, you wrote once long ago that your project needs
the "legacy" value to make things work.

Kernel 2.4 guessed usually legacy, right?
Kernel 2.6 returns extended and it more upsets tools and users with
trashed partitions.

So a simple question: why is returning the extended values better than
returning always the legacy values (or even the previous guess)?

I _do_ know that that won't be perfect either but perhaps it weren't so
broken as it is now.
BTW, so far nobody answered what the technical benefit returning the
extended values instead of the legacy ones or the previous guess. We only know the current values hurt more and there are only better
alternatives, right?


Hi Szaka,

   By any chance is the the same bug that is causing FC2's installer
to trash dual booting to Windows?


   If it is, it is causing an ever living nightmare out in the FC2
world.   The above link has zillions of painfully documented
technical experiences, with work-a-rounds, that may help in
troubleshooting this problem.  I personally am holding off on
upgrading to FC2 until bug 115980 is fixed: I can not afford to
get my Windows partitions trashed (I know, the partition are okay,
I just can not boot to them).

   If not, maybe bug 115980 will have something else of help.


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