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Parted documentation - boot disk

From: Ilya Minkov
Subject: Parted documentation - boot disk
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 01:07:00 +0200
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I'm sorry, this problem is probably due to my "stupidity", but nothing a good documentation couldn't fix. I don't use Linux on a regular basis, but i intend to do so, so please forgive me.

The documentation about using the boot disk is apparently incomplete.


I was following it, and successfully wrote a boot diskette of partboot.img using a DOS diskette writer.

When trying to boot from it, it expects some *second* disk. The documentation fails to mention it, as well as how to create it.

I have found the needed file, and after some trying around i have figured out that it has to be written raw on a diskette - although it's named .gz and not .img - and not put on any sort of FS, be it DOS or EXT2. This is all less than obvious.



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