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(no subject)

From: marco . pozzi
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 15:38:15 +0200

Hi all,

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 2.1 (Panama)
GNU Parted 1.4.16

The disk that I have to work on is IDE attached by USB (that's why sde)

I have to label, create a partition and format in fat32 a new disk by a script.
The problem is when I try to do it I get this error:

# parted /dev/sde mklabel msdos mkpartfs primary FAT32 0 76319
Error: Unknown file system type.

# parted /dev/sde mklabel msdos mkpartfs primary fat32 0 76319
Error: Unknown file system type.

# parted /dev/sde mklabel msdos mkpartfs primary fat 0 76319
Warning: The filesystem is going to be too big for FAT16, so FAT32 will be used.  This is not compatible with MS-DOS, early versions of MS-Windows 95
and Windows NT.  If you use these operating systems, then select cancel, and create a smaller partition.  If you only use Linux, BSD, MS Windows 98
and/or MS Windows 95 B, then select OK.
OK Cancel ?

If I type OK it works, but in this way I can't put it in a unattended script.

Thanks in advance

Marco Pozzi
Network manager

Via S. Francesco d'Assisi, 3b, 24121 Bergamo (BG) Italia
Tel: +39 035-22714-1
Fax: +39 035-22714-99



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