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Re: [docs] Suggestion for improvements (cp command)

From: Jari Aalto
Subject: Re: [docs] Suggestion for improvements (cp command)
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 14:18:58 +0200

| On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 12:50:13AM +0200, Jari Aalto wrote:
| > 
| > [Keep CC I'm not in list]
| > 
| > For page http://www.gnu.org/software/parted/manual/html_mono/parted.html
| > Please add more explanation (to manual pages as well) concerning these:
| > 
| > 2.4.2 cp
| > 
| >     - Must the DEST partition be equal size?
| >     - What actually happens when FROM is smaller to DEST?
| >     - if DEST is maller than FROM, can parted copy only the DATA
| >       that is occupied in FROM and ignore rest?
| > 
| >       Like if FROM is 100M but only 30M used, and DEST is 50M
| I think the answers to your questions are obvious after reading the
| manual page.  But, I'm the worst person to make that judgement :)
| The answers to these questions are:
| (1) No.
| (2) The file system gets grown to take up the full space of DEST.
| (3) In the case of FAT16/FAT32, yes.  In the case of ext2, Parted
| will refuse to copy the partition.  (The ext2 code isn't as versatile
| as the FAT code)

Thank you,

I think these should be explained next to the 'cp' command. The
explanation for all commands is quite terse.

Where is the source document; that I could use to send diffs?


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