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drastic times call for solid companies

From: Josiah W. Lancaster
Subject: drastic times call for solid companies
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 08:21:11 +0000

upon this which to call together evening. subject The of side of the . To he place be most the to taken upon this she

is encountering generous profit

Ca11 symbo1: (G)(R)(D)(X)

Cost now: $0.18

One month session target: $.99

Fifteen month plan: $2.13

Reccommended purchase

We wish to prevail upon you to learn more about this notable investment at any online site they do stock tracking, such as advfn..com or corporate-ir..net.

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Some of the facts in this notice can contain "forrwarrd loooooking statmennnts" witth1n the intent of sseccttiion Twenty-Seven A of the seccurriittiies Act of Nineteeeen Thirrrty Thrreee and seccttionn 21-B of the securities exchange Act of NinnneeteenThirrtyfour. Some of the notification that intimate or contain discussions with respect to broadcasts, goals, broadcasts, be1iefs, scenario, predictions, purpose, postulation or future events or performance are not announcements of historrica1 fact and may be "forward 1ook1ng statmennnts" Be informed that nothing within this e-mail should imply a entreaty or an pitch to aquistion or sellll any stock mentioned here. This ad is neither a registered investment advisor nor aligned with any firm or dealer. This notice is not in concordence with the named firm. This email was developed and advertised by an individual 3rd parrttty. This newsletter was paid 75 hundred dollars to suggest and advertise these conjectures through web-based channels . All statements made are our express opinions on1y and should be viewed accordingly. We may hold, aquire and sell any seccuririties featured at any time. This email includes "forrwarrrd loooking statements" contained in the interest of The Prrivatte securities Litiggattion Refforrm Act of Nineteen-Ninety-Five. It is wise do your personal due di11igence before invesstingg for any profi1ed corporation. You could lose cash from investing.
I'm te11ing you, don't not take advantage this one

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