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rootdisk images?

From: glenn becker
Subject: rootdisk images?
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 12:41:52 -0500

Hi -

I used parted some time ago and found that it worked well ... I'm
currently in a situation at work where I want to split my / Linux
partition into 2 pieces so that I can evaluate a new distro; of
course, I can't do this with parted while the current partition is

I recall using a pair of disks last time I used this utility; however,
the documentation at gnu.org for the latest version of parted only
mentions using partboot.img.

So I tried booting with a single diskette to which I'd written
partboot.img, and lo and behold, it asked for a second diskette ...

So I tried looking at the info page for parted and it definitely
_does_ mention partroot-1.6.6.img. The main ftp site for parted,
however, has a file called partroot-1.6.6.gz. Unzipped this file is
well over 3mb, so unusable for a 1.44mb floppy disk.

Not sure what I am missing here. The info file contradicts the gnu.org
documentation and the filename on the ftp site contradicts that in the
info file. The README on the ftp site also mentions the
partroot-[version].img file. I searched and found a message similar to
the one I am now writing from 2004, but it went unanswered, which
suggests to me that I'm asking a stupid question and the answer is
somewhere right in front of my face ... :^)

So I feel as thought I have R'd TFM, but there are several Ms and they
don't agree ...

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment ...


Glenn Becker

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