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Congratulations ! ! !

From: Promotion Manager
Subject: Congratulations ! ! !
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 19:12:09 +0200

European Union Internet Browsing and Management Corporation
1133 Santan Avendida
Atocha Grenf

Ref Number: Mad12908765fT

Dear Winner,

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Internet
compensation promotion programs held on the 1st of March,
2005 and it is aimed at compensating frequent Internet
explorers in all over the world. Your e-mail address
attached to ticket number; BN126409345 which consequently
won in the 1st category, you have therefore won a BMW
7-Series with the following extras (Luxury Seating
Package,Navigation System,Premium Package,CD Changer,Heated
/ Ventilated cpmpliments and Pulse Front Seats,Xenon
Certified only by the European Union Internet Browsing and
Management Corporation. This is our small way of saying
thank you to our customers in this first quarter of this
our business year

European Union Internet Browsing and Management Corporation
is a global leader in international software producers and
one of the largest processor of software in the world since
1980. With Revenue of over $89.1 billion, Net income 
of $7.6 billion and Total asset of $104.4 billion We have
help people and Businesses by providing affordable,
reliable and convenient payment services and 
software in the world today and we have invested US$2.5b
into software, hardware, a simple to use interface and it
is a great opportunity to anyone looking to increase sales
through email marketing! so you can realize your  dream
of financial independence.

Note that all winners were selected through a omputer
ballot-system drawn from over 600,000 companies and
350,000,000 personal email addresses from all over the
world online of which four where selected at random as 
winners in different category. Our software became the
industry standard in the early
1980s and has just increased in distribution as the company
has grown, Largest software producer in the world . We hope
that you will have the chance of receiving compensation
next decade as you keep on browsing the net to boost
the sales of software materials in all over the world.

Please send your full name and detailed address to the
Manager in Charge of shippment, Nikky Benson ( Manager in
Charge of Shippment) 
Phone: 0034626680325
Email: address@hidden or
European Union Internet Browsing and Management Corporation
1133 Santan Avendida
Atocha Grenf

Remember, you are advise to contact us for shipment not
later than 30th of May, 2005. After this date the car will
be return to the promotion company. Furthermore, should
there be any change of your contact address or information
about you, do inform us as soon as possible to avoid
disqualification of winnings.

Congratulations once again from all the members of our

NOTE: Please acknowledge the reciept of this mail, by
sending an email to  the manager in charge of shippment
Nikky Benson on this e mail  address@hidden or

or call 0034626680325

Yours Sincerely,
Palua Felipe
Chairman of Board and Chief Executive Officer
European Union Internet Browsing and Management Corporation
1133 Santan Avendida
Atocha Grenf

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