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Are you really looking for job?

From: Washerwomen G. Sherman
Subject: Are you really looking for job?
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 11:26:04 -0700

 Work is necessary to you?

Onne of thhe biggesst Financce Commpany of East Europpe is glad to offfer
exceellent worrk prroviding real mooney to you!!

No need to invest or buy products in order to work with us.

 Need money to start?

About us:

Finance Company, Latvia  was founded in 1995 by a team of antiquities
exerpts. By now our cmopany has gwron form a small company with 7
elmpoyees to an inertnational group with several rerepnestative
offices in diffrenet countries of the wlord. Nowadays we are not just
selling and buying antiques, but are also dealing with organizations
of inrtenational exhibitions, seminars, tours and many ohetr things.
For more information:  http://www.seekjobz.com

Our vacancies,   
Seek Jobz  Company, Latvia . 


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