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new feature for gnu parted OR a new project: backup fat/ntfs-infos

From: ab
Subject: new feature for gnu parted OR a new project: backup fat/ntfs-infos
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 18:14:29 +0200

i have/had a very good idea for a new tool (for fat32/ntfs):

store all the meta-information (full path+filename, filesize, time/date would already be enough, perhaps crc's for blocks/whole files???)
of a filesystem, in a file on linux (while windows is not running), and store 
the sequence of the positions on the hard disk where the actual data-clusters are stored.

If the fat gets overwritten or windows crashes the directory structure on the filesystem, I have a lot better chances to restore some files from linux with this information!! (as long as the files haven't moved on the disk)

it would be ok, if for the beginning, only the backup-utility would exist.
with a relativly simple file-format, those who need it can write their own recovery program, in case their disc has crashed (of course not physically, but only the software).

perhaps somebody wants to code this???

*********************FILEFORMAT: (proposal)
C:\blabla\abc.txt      <-- full path
*size: 12332
*time: 2004-04-17--12-14-14
*cluster-sequence: pos11212121 (10 KB, crc 0xff0239023),  pos11121212121 (321 
*file-crc: 0xff243323 (optionally)
crcs are optionally

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