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Resizing FAT partition with NTLDR boot sector

From: Alan Jenkins
Subject: Resizing FAT partition with NTLDR boot sector
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 10:34:53 +0100


parted -v
GNU Parted 1.6.15

rpm -q parted


After I resized a FAT partition with an NTLDR boot sector, attempting to
boot it hangs immediately with no output.  I "resized" the partition
without changing the size - the number of blocks in the partition was
the same before and after, only the contents was altered.


Reinstalling the NTLDR boot sector with the FIXBOOT command on the
emergency console (after booting off the Windows install disk) solves
the problem.


I can send more information to help solve the problem, but I have a
quick fix which works in my circumstances.  The following output from
cmp indicates the bytes changed which broke the boot, and which can be
restored to fix it:

25  77 377
26   0 377
28   0 377

>From left to right, this gives the (1-based!) offset in decimal in the
first column, the initial value in octal in the second, and the value
after resizing in octal in the third.

I'm having difficaulty matching my boot sector against the expected
layout - can you tell me the meaning of these bytes?


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