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Re: Resizing FAT partition with NTLDR boot sector

From: Alan Jenkins
Subject: Re: Resizing FAT partition with NTLDR boot sector
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:38:54 +0100

Immediate response to peoples queries:

I have a highly unsupported installation of Windows 98, Windows 98 SE,
Windows ME and Windows XP on one partition, and am aiming to add Windows
2000 and 2003 (I'm covered by a site license).  Testing is therefore
slightly haphazard.  As far as I'm concerned its working quite well.  I
have noticed a difference between the boot sector format of the NT
derived OSes - the BPB header  is extended, and the code offset is
bumped from 0x3c to 0x58 to make space - but as far as I can see the
bytes in question apply to all formats, its just that the NT loader is
more picky about them.

The most recent version of parted preserves (or restores if they have
were wrongly altered) these bytes, but I have not yet tested boot.  
I'll come back once I've tested, with more information.

Thanks for the advice!  It looks like this has already been fixed.


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