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Re: Updated PedUnit patch

From: leslie . polzer
Subject: Re: Updated PedUnit patch
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 16:45:26 +0200
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On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 11:49:45PM +1000, Andrew Clausen wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 11:22:20AM +0200, address@hidden wrote:
> > Can we set a release date?
> If you like.  How about the weekend?

> > > Oops, you shouldn't free *sector.  Only *range.
> > Why?
> *sector isn't a pointer.  Did you try compiling?!
I only submit patches resulting in a clean compile.
Just took a look at my code. I have:

                ped_free (sector);
                ped_free (*range)

Where was the * coming from?
> Not to me.  When is a device going to have a length of 0?
That'd be 1. Don't forget the subtraction of 1 beforehand.
And while a device length of 1 is unlikely a SIGFPE is IMO still a
serious issue.
So, eliminate the addition of 0.5?

> > gcc complains; you cannot declare variables without the block.
> Weird.  We could stick the variables at the top...
I agree.

> I think it's good to be consistent within a single source file.

> > > Why the brackets around the return value?
> > I insert brackets whenever any calculations are involved.
> I think it's harder to read, but everyone's different...
I can leave them out, it's not a problem for me.



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