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Resized ext3 part 100% used

From: David Jung
Subject: Resized ext3 part 100% used
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:32:18 -0400 (EDT)
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I recently used parted for the first time to reduce the size of
an ext3 partition on i386 Linux.  I booted from a CD (redhat install
CD in rescue mode) which contains parted and proceeded to
resize my ext3 partition smaller.
parted ran for a while and seemed to complete sucesfully (at least
it reported no errors or other information - just gave me the
prompt back).
At the time, I didn't think to check just how much space was
needed to accomodate the files currently in the ext3 fs.
When I rebooted my machine via that partition (it was the / fs),
it seemed to boot up fine.  Using df showed that the partition
was now the 28GB reduced size as expected, but it was 0% available
(100% used!).  Only then did I realise I may have asked it to
resize too small!
I've run an fsck.ext3 -fv /dev/hda2 over the partition and
it didn't complain.  The system seems to work OK in the short
time I've had it up.
I just wanted to ask if parted would have checked or complained
if the fs block to be moved didn't actually fit in the reduced
The fact that is it 100% full makes me nervous, but perhaps I
just got lucky and happened to have just enough space.
I haven't written any fs to the now extra space after it yet.

Anyways, if it lost some data I'll just wipe it and do a fresh
install, but I'd rather avoid that if it actually worked OK.

Thanks for parted.  I'm surprised I didn't know about it before
(have used PartitionMagic in the past)

-David Jung.

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