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[BerliOS Developer Project Approved]

From: leslie . polzer
Subject: [BerliOS Developer Project Approved]
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 20:39:29 +0200
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Subject: BerliOS Developer Project Approved
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Your project registration for BerliOS Developer has been approved. 

Project Full Name:  GNU Parted
Project Unix Name:  parted
CVS Server:         cvs.berlios.de
SVN Server:         svn.berlios.de
Shell Server:       shell.berlios.de
Web Server:         parted.berlios.de

Your DNS will take up to a day to become active on our site. Your shell
accounts will become active at the next 6-hour cron update. While
waiting for your DNS to resolve, you may try shelling into 
shell.berlios.de and pointing CVS to cvs.berlios.de or
SVN to svn.berlios.de.

If after six hours your shell accounts still do not work, please
open a support ticket so that we may take a look at the problem.
Please note that all shell accounts are closed to telnet and only
work with SSH2.

Your web site is accessible through your shell account. Directory
information will be displayed immediately after logging in.

Please take some time to read the site documentation about project
administration. If you visit your own project page in BerliOS Developer
while logged in, you will find additional menu functions to your
left labeled "Project Administrator". 

We highly suggest that you now visit and create a public
description for your project. This can be done by visiting your project
page while logged in, and selecting 'Project Admin' from the menus
on the left.

Your project will also not appear in the Trove software map until
you categorize it in the project administration screens. So that
people can find your project, you should do this now. Visit your project
while logged in, and select 'Project Admin' from the menus on the

Enjoy the system, and please tell others about BerliOS Developer. Let us know
if there is anything we can do to help you.

 -- the BerliOS Developer crew

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