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A bug in parted version 1.6.23

From: Justin Patrin
Subject: A bug in parted version 1.6.23
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 10:17:25 -0700

Assertion (start_range != NULL) at constraint.c:45 in function
ped_constraint_init() failed.

If I ignore I get:
Assertion (geom != NULL) at geom.c:71 in function
ped_geometry_duplicate() failed.

If I ignore that one I get a Segmentation fault.

This is running on a Sharp Zaurus C3000 running OpenZaurus 3.5.3+. The
kernel is 2.4.20 (but it's not mailine, it's an embeddix kernel). I
compiled parted myself with then OpenEmbedded build tools. I had to
add --disable-Werror to the configure flags to allow parted to compile
due to this warning:
arm-linux/include/wchar.h:336: warning: comparison of unsigned
expression >= 0 is always true

Any help would be appreciated. I successfully got parted to compile
and run on the same machine when it was running the default Sharp ROM
(which has much older versions of most things on it).

Justin Patrin

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