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Help with parted API

From: Francisco Valle Gonzalez
Subject: Help with parted API
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 10:04:29 +0200

 First of all, I must greet you for your work developing parted.
 I'm developing a gtk encapsulation of parted like qtparted written in
C. I'm seeking for documentation about parted API functions, the one
included with debian packages is not understandable enough for me and
after seeking a lot on google i couldn't find anything interesting. So
I'm writing you to ask for help. If you could send me some code examples
to get partition tables, create partitions with fs, delete
partitions, ... it would be the best, or simply websites with
information about. I've tryed to analize parted.c code but it would take
me lot of time to understand how it works exactly and it will make my
work longer in time.
 Well, i hope you understand my english and have time to give me some
 Bye, thanks for your time, un sa├║do.

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