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Re: Moving partition to an overlapping position

From: Ville Herva
Subject: Re: Moving partition to an overlapping position
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 12:47:14 +0300
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On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, K.G. wrote:
> All Parted operations are theoretically power-loss proof, including
> resizing supported FS.

Oh, I didn't realize that. That is of course a worthy goal, although I
imagine hard to achieve.

> I think introducing non power-loss proof operations could be
> disturbing. It would be better to write another program to perform
> such operations.

Hmm, perhaps they would be disturbing. Though I tend to think big enough
warnings are enough, there will always be those who shoot themselves in the
foot (without backups). Then again, this is unix, and there are already
plenty of ways to do so - even without a warning :).

Another thing is that while writing simple hack for the job would not be
terribly complicated, making it adequately robust and refined (having it
understand the partiotion boundaries rather than requiring raw sector
addresses) would certainly not be easy. And this is where I think the parted
infrastructure might help.

But I do understand your point of view.

-- v -- 


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