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Re: Announce: pylibparted project

From: Andrew Gaffney
Subject: Re: Announce: pylibparted project
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:15:44 -0500
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Ulisses Furquim wrote:
   I'm developing a project named pylibparted that aims to provide
python bindings for parted's library (libparted). This project was
accepeted in Google's Summer of Code and it's being mentored by
Fedora. I already have a snapshot available for testing that can be
downloaded from pylibparted.tigris.org. If anyone is interested,
please join the mailing lists, so we can discuss anything related to
the project.

What's wrong with the 2 other existing python bindings for libparted (pyparted and whatever debian's is)? Also, I find it odd that Fedora would get behind this since pyparted was written *by* RH *for* anaconda...unless of course they don't feel like maintaining it anymore ;)

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