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RE: FW: Publish the changes

From: Jen, Janet (Windows IPF Engineer)
Subject: RE: FW: Publish the changes
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 15:41:57 -0700

  Rogerio Timmers is going to take care of the requirements. We are
going to release our product which uses the new PARTED changes by end of
August. We will need to finish the whole process before then.


Janet Jen
WIE program manager
(408) 447-3251
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Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 3:21 PM
To: Jen, Janet (Windows IPF Engineer)
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Subject: Re: FW: Publish the changes

On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 02:00:18PM -0700, Jen, Janet (Windows IPF
Engineer) wrote:
>    We are making the changes and will send the file when it is done.
>    Are there any other changes that need to be made?
Please create all patches against current CVS. The changes in disk.c,
for example, have an offset of about 70 lines, which is too much fuzz
the patch utility -- we'd have to fix that by hand.
So please update the patch against current CVS instead of Parted 1.6.22.

> @@ -514,8 +521,14 @@
>                                            (uint16_t)
>         gpt_part_data->name[i] = 0;
> -       gpt_part_data->lvm = gpt_part_data->raid = gpt_part_data->boot
> -               = gpt_part_data->hp_service = 0;
> +       gpt_part_data->lvm = gpt_part_data->raid = 
> +               gpt_part_data->boot = gpt_part_data->hp_service = 
> +                       gpt_part_data->hidden = gpt_part_data->msftres
= 0;
> +
Move the equals relation to the beginning of the succeeding line and
at one tab indent.

I had a quick look at the rest and did not find any problems, but I'll
a second and closer look later.

> If the code looks fine, what is the next step for us?
When the patch is accepted it will be committed to CVS.
You can get it from the repository then or wait for Parted 1.6.24.



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