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Re: enlarging a partition

From: leslie . polzer
Subject: Re: enlarging a partition
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 19:01:52 +0200
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Hello Pascal,

On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 05:51:05PM +0200, Pascal GREGIS wrote:

> I would like to enlarge my /data partition without having to umount
> it. I tried with xfs_growfs, but it can only extend the xfs filesystem
> to the size of the partition, which does not help me because my
> filesystem already occupies the whole partition. I then tried with
> parted but have 2 problems : - parted doesn't handle xfs resizing -
This is a known issue that might go away when we implement calling
external tools.

> parted doesn't want to extend a mounted partition.
GNU Parted will most likely never support messing around with mounted
partitions.  Does Linux fdisk do?  I guess no...
  If you need that functionality, you might try LVM.

> In other words, the problem that I have with parted is due to the fact
> Ithat parted doesn't resize a partition, it resizes a partition and
> Ithe filesystem on it. only want to resize the partition, (i.e. just
> Imodify the partition table), I will extend the filesystem in a second
> Istep with xfs_growfs.
> How could I do it? Is it possible with parted? I can upgrade parted to
> a newer version if necessary. Or, is it possible via the parted API?
You should be able to resize the partition in a "raw" way by using the
API directly.  Support for this "raw" resize operation is already on our
agenda by popular request and will make it into 1.7.1 or 1.7.2.

  I attached a patch for parted/parted.c that might work. It is against
the current svn trunk/.  It's a crude kludge in that it just
disables file system resizing as a whole, so it's best to only use it
in your case and then throw away the patched binary.
  Watch out so you do not truncate your file system.

> If parted is not the right tool to do it, just tell me, however I've
> not found any other partitionning tool supporting GPT partition
> tables.
I don't know of any other partitioning tools supporting GPT either.
  But let me congratulate you for choosing a modern partition table
format for your disk.

  Let me know if you need more help.


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