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reiserfs compile problems with --disable-dynamic-loading

From: Gregor Burger
Subject: reiserfs compile problems with --disable-dynamic-loading
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 12:57:37 +0200


i was trying to compile libparted statically with ./configure --disable-dynamic-loading --disable-fs etc...
but make fails with:
reiserfs.c:90: error: 'type name' declared as function returning a function
cc1: warnings being treated as errors

to me it seems that:

FCLASS void (FPTR libreiserfs_exception_set_handler)
                (int(FPTR)(reiserfs_exception_t *));

should be:

FCLASS void (FPTR libreiserfs_exception_set_handler)
                (int(FPTR)(reiserfs_exception_handler_t *));

thats the parameters i get from <reiserfs/reiserfs.h>
i'm using parted-1.7.0 on ubuntu with libreiserfs-0.3.

thanks for your help

cheers gregor

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