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new to parted

From: François Patte
Subject: new to parted
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 19:29:08 +0100
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Hope this list is the good place to post my newby question....!

I want to upgrade my laptop from FC4 to FC6 and I want to "reshape" my partition table.

I created a /backup partition which I do not use and I want to merge it with /home *and* I want to resize /usr

/dev/sda8 ---> /usr
/dev/sda12 ---> /home
/dev/sda13 ---> /backup

Is there another way to proceed than this one (and is this one is working?!):


delete /dev/sda13

resize /dev/sda12 start=previous-start-sda12+5GB end=previous-end-sda13

resize /dev/sdax start=previous-start-sdax+5GB end=start=previous-end-sdax+5GB (for x=9 to 11)

resize /dev/sda8 start=previous-start-sda8 end=previous-end-sda8+5GB


How to understand the numbers given by the command:

parted /dev/sda print

I get something like:

Mineur   Départ      Fin     Type      Sys.fichiersFanions
8       5757,702  15304,108  logique   ext3
9      15304,140  20081,250  logique   ext3

Why 8 ends at 15304,108 and 9 begins at 15304,140? 0,031 is missing!

can I add 5000 to 15304,108 to add 5GB to sda8? Or is it more complicated to calculate?

Thank you for help.

François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université René Descartes

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