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Re: Reading cfdisk partitioned drives

From: Matt Davis
Subject: Re: Reading cfdisk partitioned drives
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 20:19:43 -0400

On 5/26/07, Otavio Salvador <address@hidden> wrote:
"Matt Davis" <address@hidden> writes:

> The oddity that I have have seen, and I am not sure if this is what is
> causing the funky-ness in #14, but fdisk/cfdisk both read the fs_type
> from the disk properly.  In my case (using parted 1.8.7), bootsector.c
> is reading the first 512 bytes of the Fat16 partition starting at 63.
> Parted, and I have confirmed this via gdb, does not see a boot sector
> signature starting at those partition offsets, thus when I run parted
> on the drive I get output with proper drive sizes but no file system
> information for those drives.  Further, to see if there was any data
> on that boot sector at all, I performed:
> `dd if=/dev/hda1 of=boot bs=512 count=1`  And the boot sector was all
> zeroed out.  Either way that's far off from the 0xAA55 that a fat16
> should have.  But that still does not explain why fdisk and cfdisk
> report the fs_types properly.  I assume they are just grabbing those
> values from the MBR and not the actual boot sector of the hard drive
> (as parted is doing).

I'm missed here. Have you been able to reproduce it? If yes, that's

Nope, unable to reproduce it.

A possible why to get more information about the bug itself is ask for
the reporters to send the boot sector to us. Can you try it? This way
we can confirm your guess, can't we?

But I did extract the boot sector from the partition
had to use "dd if=/dev/hda of=blah seek=1 bs=512 count=1"
That had a proper boot signature as well.  But when
fat_bootsector_read() pulls out that same (or what should be that same
piece of data) it gets all zeros.


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