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Avoid seg fault when ext2 blocks cannot be read

From: Matt Davis
Subject: Avoid seg fault when ext2 blocks cannot be read
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 01:14:03 -0400

I submitted a patch earlier.
Unfortunately (I'm used to CVS and SVN) I was expecting git to query
me for a patch message.  After querying me for the Message-ID git went
ahead and sent the patch off.  I am unsure as to the delay between the
mailing list.  So here is the message that should have accompanied the
If for some reason the patch does not surface, I will re-submit it
(and apply a proper message).

This references Ticket #22

While this does not fix the problem.  This does throw an exception and
gracefully exit.  The previous exit ended in a seg fault.

This exception occurs when an ext2 block is not read properly.


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