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Unrecognized disk label on an existing partition table?

From: Hong-Siang Teo
Subject: Unrecognized disk label on an existing partition table?
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 10:34:06 -0700

I have an existing Linux server (old, slackware 10.1-ish) with two partitions, fully bootable and both the ext3 partitions mount fine. fdisk recognizes the partition table. The only warning I ever get (from fdisk) is that the cylinder >1024, but this has not presented any problems for me. The HDD has only ever been partitioned once with fdisk. I'm using lilo, placed at the MBR I believe.

Anyway, I want to shift/resize the partitions a bit. So I downloaded, compiled, and installed parted 1.8.8. But when I run it, I immediately get an error of "unrecognized disk label".

How can I resolve this problem non-destructively? Is there a way to add a disk label at this point?

Otherwise, I'm thinking mklabel, then rescue the partitions. But there seems to be considerable risks in this maneuver, and I'm not sure if it even works.

- Hong-Siang

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