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parted does not support GPT

From: Wes
Subject: parted does not support GPT
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 15:50:56 +0930

Does GNU Parted support Intel EFI/GPT partition tables?


Until parted enforces the -mandatory- fat32 'efi partition' at the
start of the disk, enforces the -mandatory- 256mb spacer between
partitions, correctly applies the protective mbr table in a way that
DOES NOT BREAK other partition tools (ie making sure logical and
physical beginnings and endings are the SAME, making sure the
partition ends before the last partial cylinder, etc), and correctly
applies the GUID to the correct file system types, can you please stop
lying about supporting efi gpt partition tables?

Your tool fails miserably when it comes to GPT.  And I'm sick of
having to hand-repair parted's screwups here.

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