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Re: why must parted -l ignore arguments?

From: Joel Granados
Subject: Re: why must parted -l ignore arguments?
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 05:15:03 -0500 (EST)

Hi Jidanni:

I think you have a point here in that its not explicitly specified that the 
print option will list the specified device partition.  But the print option 
*is* explained and  there are examples of the use of print in the info pages.  
The only thing that I would consider including is another example of how you 
could use the print argument in a non-interactive way.
Care to make a contribution to parted.  It would be greatly appreciated :)

----- address@hidden wrote:

> On the man page
>        -l, --list
>               lists partition layout on all block devices
> Please add
>        (for just one device, use `parted DEV print')
> Reason: e.g., fdisk -l lets one give just one device. Since parted -l
> ignores its arguments(!, no error either), you need to tell people
> how
> to print just one device right there at -l in the man page.)

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