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parted-2.2 coming soon

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: parted-2.2 coming soon
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 19:29:24 +0100

Given the recently-fixed GPT bugs and Hans' alignment related
changes, I'd like to make a new release soon.

If anyone has pending patches, or known problems they haven't
yet reported, please speak up soon.

Here's NEWS so far:

  ** Changes in behavior

    The default alignment (--align option) for newly created partitions has
    been changed to optimal.

  ** New features

    The ped_device_get_*_alignment() functions now return a sane default
    value instead of NULL when the so called topology information is incomplete.
    The default minimum alignment aligns to physical sector size, the default
    optimal alignment is 1MiB, which is what vista and windows 7 do.

  ** Bug fixes

    Parted no longer uses a physical sector size of 0 or of any other
    value smaller than the logical sector size.

    gpt: read-only operation could clobber MBR part of hybrid GPT+MBR table
    [bug introduced in parted-2.1]

    gpt: a read-only operation like "parted $dev print" would overwrite $dev's
    protective MBR when exactly one of the primary and backup GPT tables was
    found to be corrupt.
    [bug introduced prior to parted-1.8.0]

    "make install" no longer installs tests programs named disk and label

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