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Re: Wrong partition identifier for HFS

From: Curtis Gedak
Subject: Re: Wrong partition identifier for HFS
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 09:20:25 -0700
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Jim Meyering wrote:
Curtis Gedak wrote:
When an "hfs" partition is created on a msdos disk, the partition
identifier is set to "0x83".  The correct value for an HFS partition
is "0xAF".
Thank you!
Just in time.
I was about to release 2.2.

I've adjusted your patch to work also with hfs+, wrote the NEWS
entry and added a test to exercise it.

Thanks Jim for improving the patch and including it in the parted-2.2 release. :)

(BTW, your mail client mangled the patch, so I couldn't apply it)

I had cut and pasted the patch into Thunderbird and it was probably wrapped at 70 characters.

Previously I included a patch as an attachment, but the patch did not appear in the mailing list archive. Following are the links which show this situation:

Initial post with race condition patch in attachment (missing from mailing list archive):

Follow up post with race condition patch inline:

Do you have a preferred method for submitting patches?

Curtis Gedak

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