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Re: 512b vs. 2048b problems on IBM Power LPAR (Debian/PPC)

From: Frank Fegert
Subject: Re: 512b vs. 2048b problems on IBM Power LPAR (Debian/PPC)
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 20:55:24 +0100
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Hello Håkon,

thanks for your reply!

On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 03:07:32PM +0100, Håkon Løvdal wrote:
> Although using a magic number 11 like that is not the most readable way
> to write the code. And looking through the devices.txt file, there are several
> other possibilities for CD-ROMs. I suggest putting the decision of what is a
> CD-ROM into a separate function, e.g.
> ...

You're absolutely right on this. I saw the other major/minor combinations
in /usr/include/linux/major.h, but figured i'd just get it to work at
all ;-) Please see the attached patch as to your suggestions. Build and
tests were successful in my environment.

Thanks & best regards,

    Frank Fegert

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