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bug#21954: physical versus virtual disks

From: David Billsbrough
Subject: bug#21954: physical versus virtual disks
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:07:53 +0000

This is an ongoing chat between a systems administrator and a applications developer:


It is in regards to what is an Amazon S3 'bucket' and how looks like a hard drive in the cloud.


As the admin I think that it existence does not give a S3 bucket every attribute of a real physical hard drive.


So if I ran the parted command or any other GPT aware utility against the dev files the point to a connected S3 bucket and tried to create a GUID partition table (GPT) and tried to preserve that configuration across the restarting of virtual instances that there would be no guarantees of it persistence.




Where in a virtual disk is the structures that store MBR, GPT, Inode structures and reserve areas for bad block data that is contained on a real physical hard drive?





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