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bug#22180: Partition alignment using parted

From: Ankur Tank
Subject: bug#22180: Partition alignment using parted
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2015 13:35:09 +0000

Hi Phillip

Thank you very much for reply,
We are using am335x based (Beaglebone Black) custom board with eMMC(4GB).
I have couple more questions regarding partition alignment.
1. Does partition alignment guarantee performance improvement ?
2. Is it required for all the partitions to be aligned ? Because we are 
creating four raw partitions at the beginning of the eMMC which can't be on 1MB 
boundary.(because ROM code looks at on 128kb blocks only).
3. Is there any better way to get partition aligned. (I know I sound silly but 
I wanted to know if there is any better method ).
4. parted is not allowing to use ~340 MB of size at the end of the eMMC, why so 
? Am I missing something ?
5. I don't see verbose option for parted in man page, Is there any way to 
enable it?

I know its atrocious to ask you to look at my partition script and partition 
calculator excel sheet.
However if you can review them, it would be a great help, I have attached them 
with this mail.

Any pointers/suggestions ?

Thank you,

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Control: forcemerge -1 22179
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Partitions can not possibly be created on a fraction of a sector.
Optimal alignment is much larger than a single sector: typically 1 MiB.  Create 
your partitions on 1 MiB boundaries.  When you specify the size in bytes or 
sectors, you are asking for exact placement.
Using conventional units of MB or GB allows parted to move the exact start and 
end to the nearest preferable location rather than giving that warning.

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