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bug#22266: [libparted] jump instruction and boot code is corrupted with

From: Tom Yan
Subject: bug#22266: [libparted] jump instruction and boot code is corrupted with random bytes after fat is resized
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 18:08:31 +0800


The (last) diff compares a FAT32 resized with a working commit of
libparted and a not working one. You can see that in the latter, the
jump instruction and boot code in the boot sectors are not preserved
but completely corrupted by random bytes. (FWIW, the first byte "eb"
is crucial for Windows to recognize the filesystem)

The last working commit I can confirm is:

which is the commit right before:

where FAT resizing no longer works, until:

which is the first commit I can confirm to have this issue.

I've also tested the latest commit:

which does not work properly either.

See this bug report for more details:

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