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bug#22710: Acknowledgement (libparted 3.2 fat32 bootsector incompatible

From: D. Eberhardt
Subject: bug#22710: Acknowledgement (libparted 3.2 fat32 bootsector incompatible w. windows)
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 18:48:41 +0100
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My report may be treated, perhaps, as duplicate yet to emphasize the importance of

"bug#22266: [libparted] jump instruction and boot code is corrupted with random bytes after fat is resized"

For people who, like me, mainly uses windows and performs maintenance tasks using compilations like system-rescue-cd and knoppix, it's a very ugly surprise, when trusted tools like gparted render a filesystem unusable for windows. Fat32 is my first choice, because it's accessible by open bsd, that I use as file server, by windows and by the linux tools mentioned - as long as my files don't go beyond 2GB in size (which happens rather rarely).

Please, do also refer to the already cited gparted forum, where people reported that libparted 3.1 apparently didn't break the bootsector's usability with windows.

Many thanks,

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