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bug#25756: Problems using "parted ... print" on nvme devices

From: Douglas Miller
Subject: bug#25756: Problems using "parted ... print" on nvme devices
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:08:44 -0600
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We have seen a problem in some test infrastructure that uses "parted ... print" to query partition information and then configure test cases. The problem shows up when using parted on nvme drives because systemd.udevd is monitoring nvme devices for changes to the partition tables, and rebuilds the devices. This results in the devices disappearing for a few seconds after running "parted ... print" and causing failures to configure tests. The root cause is that parted opens the device "O_RDWR" regardless of whether it is actually modifying the partition table, and this notifies systemd-udevd causing the disruption in the block devices.

I have not worked up a patch yet, or even studied the code in-depth, but it seems to me that parted could be better about using open modes that reflect it's true intentions. Does that seem like a reasonable change?

I expect that our test infrastructure will have to be modified, probably to use fdisk or something other than parted, but it still seems like something to be fixed.




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