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bug#25718: parted on Ubuntu16.04

From: Phil Susi
Subject: bug#25718: parted on Ubuntu16.04
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 12:00:29 -0400
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On 2/13/2017 11:55 PM, Peter Bot wrote:
> IN  (parted) mklabel
> OUT   New disk label type? msdos
> OUT    Error: Input/output error during read on /dev/sdh
> Retry/Ignore/Cancel? Retry

Looks like you have a flakey disk.

> IN    (parted) disk_toggle
> OUT  Error: /dev/sdh: unrecognised disk label
> Backtrace has 9 calls on stack:

Yep, this was fixed back in 2015.  I guess I should make a new release.

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