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bug#30773: parted doesn't thoroughly erase old signatures

From: Anatoly Mayorov
Subject: bug#30773: parted doesn't thoroughly erase old signatures
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2018 21:46:24 +0300


I installed TrueOS and it partitioned the whole disk as a zfs pool. Then, while 
installing Archlinux I used parted to create a new gpt table with fat32, ext4 
and btrfs partitions. Archlinux worked well. But Gparted reported, that the 
whole disk still was formatted to ZFS. I reproduced the same scenario on a 
virtual machine - the same result.
It turned out that there remained signatures from ZFS.
Here is what blkid and wipes reported:

address@hidden:~# blkid /dev/sda
/dev/sda: TYPE="zfs_member" PTUUID="f80e1ce2-028f-4124-bdef-ce5a61ad4e72" 

address@hidden:~# wipefs /dev/sda
offset type
0x200 gpt [partition table]

0x7f000 zfs_member [filesystem]

I had to manually erase all old signatures with wipefs to make Gparted see my 

I'm attaching a screenshot of the virtual machine where I reproduced the 

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