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bug#31111: Partition table wrongly identified as "atari"

From: bouke_1
Subject: bug#31111: Partition table wrongly identified as "atari"
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2018 15:39:52 +0200
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After restoring an image using Clonezilla (which in turn uses sfdisk to configure the partitions), parted identifies the partition table of my harddisk as "Atari" and sees only one partition, while in fact it is a valid msdos partition table with three NTFS partitions (boot, main and restore). Other tools (e.g., fdisk) correctly identify an "msdos" partition list. The disk contains a Windows 10 environment and that boots and works correctly. So I have reason to believe that parted is wrong (or the rest of the world is crazy, which is not impossible).

I ran parted from the Linux command line from a Clonezilla Live disk (on a USB drive) which is based on debian zesty. The version of parted used there is (of course) the latest stable, 3.2. I also tried gparted (which uses libparted) in its latest stable live distribution, which gives the same results. Also, I restored the same Clonezilla image to another PC, again, with the same results. These PC's are pretty standard, neither brand new nor very old desktop boxes with a single 500GB disk.

The attachment shows a screenshot of the parted results together with those of sfdisk (which is proof but does not provide too much information). I also attached the extended parted output since it is mandatory but I don't think it provides much.

Clonezilla uses parted to check the partition layout. When I restore the image to a PC, I can use the PC normally but Clonezilla will not allow me to write a new image from it. I think I will be able to work around this, but it if this is a bug or quirk in parted it may merit some attention.

I don't know how parted determines the partition table type, but there must be something on the disk that makes it think it is Atari. If I can help by providing e.g., a dump of the boot sector of the disk, or any other data please let me know.


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