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bug#33607: Recovered from partition list loop

From: Paul Ausbeck
Subject: bug#33607: Recovered from partition list loop
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2018 15:14:07 -0800
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When I posted the original problem I was sort of hoping to get some recovery 
advice. However, I've now recovered the partition table and I'm now posting 
just to further document my experience. I'm now thinking that the bug I 
encountered is likely in the fdisk program, but I still think that 
parted/partprobe could be improved to better handle loops in the partition 

To recover, I booted the system from a USB stick. At this point the disk 
partition table was still hosed and there were 255 associated devices, sda1 - 
sda255 in /dev. parted would still not print the hosed partition table, but 
bailed out as described previously. However, fdisk would print the table, but 
somehow saw only, I can't remember exactly, maybe 45 or 54 partitions. On a 
lark, I used fdisk to delete the extra partitions and wrote the edited table. 
Upon reboot, the disk was whole again with the correct/expected partition table 
in disk order. Go figure.

Cheers, Paul Ausbeck

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