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Re: [bug-patch] Building on mingw

From: Martin Panter
Subject: Re: [bug-patch] Building on mingw
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 13:57:00 +0000

Thanks for looking at these issues

On 05/06/2009, Andreas Gruenbacher <address@hidden> wrote:
. . .
>  I have uploaded the latest alpha version here:
>   ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/patch/patch-2.5.9-117-g6d9e60f.tar.gz
>  Are there any remaining problems (aside from the seek issue)?

Your tar file seems to be missing some files, though they're present
in git. I extracted the git version over the top to test it. These
were the files missing:

Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/: .gitignore
Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/: autogen.sh
Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/gl/lib: dup2.c
Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/gl/lib: getopt_int.h
Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/gl/lib: rename.c
Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/gl/lib: strndup.c
Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/gl/m4: dup2.m4
Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/gl/m4: rename.m4
Only in patch-6d9e60f59a055921a6fb161588fe204e2d359349/gl/m4: strndup.m4

So far the main compilation problem is that strndup from gnulib
doesn't seem to be compiling. There's an "implicit declaration"
warning and it fails to link. I'll dig into it some more another day
when I get a chance, but I guess the makefiles or something need

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