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[bug-patch] [PATCH] Addition of --rm-command to specify the remove comma

From: Daniel Gutson
Subject: [bug-patch] [PATCH] Addition of --rm-command to specify the remove command
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 19:44:25 -0300

  the attached patch adds the --rm-command command line option, used to
specify a different 'rm' command, useful to use in source directories
controlled by
revision control systems (such as svn).

If the option is not specified, the original behavior (call to
unlink() ) takes places; otherwise, the parameter of the new option is

For example:
    patch -i mypatch.patch -p 0 -E --rm-command 'svn rm'



2009-06-19  Daniel Gutson  <address@hidden>

  * src/patch.c (rm_command): New global.
  (main): Updated call to move_file.
  (longopts): New option added.
  (option_help): New option help added.
  (get_some_switches): New option parsing.

  * src/util.c (move_file): Use new parameter.

  * src/util.h (move_file): Prototype updated.

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