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Re: [bug-patch] [PATCH] use di-set module rather than hash: easier-to-us

From: Andreas Gruenbacher
Subject: Re: [bug-patch] [PATCH] use di-set module rather than hash: easier-to-use, more efficient
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:18:23 +0100
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> Here's that same patch, rebased, and with two small additions:
>   - update gnulib to the latest, to get di-set
>   - add to m4/.gitignore
> Any objection?

This looks reasonable.

One of the things I would soon like to fix is to make --dry-run work for 
patches which modify the same file twice (bug 25860) which will require to 
keep the intermediary results around. Another is to fix git-style criss-cross 
renames (bug 31058); this will require to keep the original files around.

My initial idea was to switch to a name based cache instead of the device / 
inode number based cache as part of that, but maybe there is a better way.


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