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Re: [bug-patch] Time for a new release?

From: Andreas Grünbacher
Subject: Re: [bug-patch] Time for a new release?
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 23:03:24 +0200


Am 5. April 2012 16:47 schrieb Jean Delvare <address@hidden>:
> Hi developers,
> Last stable release of GNU patch was over 2 years ago. Last alpha
> snapshot was 1 year ago. Maybe it's time for another alpha snapshot at
> least, and preferably a stable release? It's a little sad to see all the
> development efforts that went into the project during the past 2 years
> and users aren't benefiting from these.

I have uploaded a new snapshot:


Before the next release, I want to complete the git diff format
support, and this requires fixing bug 31058. Bug 25860 may be easily
fixed based on that as well. I hope to have time for that relatively

  http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?31058  "diff --git" criss-cross renames broken
  http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?25860  Patch --dry-run fails when a
patch modifies files more than once


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