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[bug-patch] New and Deleted files\folders

From: Benedict, Elad
Subject: [bug-patch] New and Deleted files\folders
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 15:08:20 +0100

Hi all,


I seem to have issues with some very basic functionality – please tell me if I’m using it wrong –


1.      I create and add some folder named A

2.      In it I create a filed A\B.txt

3.      I “svn add” A and verify that A and A\B.txt are added

4.      I “svn delete” some other file – C.txt and verify that it’s marked as deleted


I then create a patch using “svn diff” into my p.patch file.

I revert all changes in my workspace and apply the patch file.


I expect to have the same state as before the revert – an added file and folder and a deleted file.

However, it seems that it only modifies certain files, not “svn add”ing or “delete”ing any file.


Any idea?


Thanks in advance!




We’re working with SVN client version 1.6 and not intending to upgrade it any time soon.


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