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[bug-patch] (no subject)

From: Michael Felt
Subject: [bug-patch] (no subject)
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 21:58:27 +0100

Testsuite summary for GNU patch 2.7.3
# TOTAL: 36
# PASS:  33
# SKIP:  0
# XFAIL: 1
# FAIL:  2
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0
See tests/test-suite.log
Please report to address@hidden
PASS: asymmetric-hunks
PASS: backup-prefix-suffix
PASS: bad-filenames
PASS: bad-usage
PASS: concat-git-diff
PASS: copy-rename
PASS: corrupt-reject-files
PASS: create-delete
PASS: create-directory
PASS: criss-cross
FAIL: crlf-handling
XFAIL: dash-o-append
PASS: empty-files
PASS: fifo
PASS: file-modes
PASS: filename-choice
PASS: git-binary-diff
PASS: global-reject-files
PASS: inname
PASS: line-numbers
FAIL: merge
PASS: mangled-numbers-abort
PASS: mixed-patch-types
PASS: munged-context-format
PASS: need-filename
PASS: no-newline-triggers-assert
PASS: preserve-c-function-names
PASS: preserve-mode-and-timestamp
PASS: quoted-filenames
PASS: read-only-files
PASS: reject-format
PASS: remember-backup-files
PASS: remember-reject-files
PASS: remove-directories
PASS: symlinks
PASS: unmodified-files

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