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Re: [bug-patch] GNU patch 2.6.1 fails to build on IRIX

From: Andreas Gruenbacher
Subject: Re: [bug-patch] GNU patch 2.6.1 fails to build on IRIX
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 09:05:41 -0800

Good Afternoon!
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On Friday 15 January 2010 14:26:41 Eric Blake wrote: > [adding bug-patch] > > According to Stuart Shelton on 1/14/2010 9:47 AM: > > On IRIX (and, indeed, any platform without strnlen() or strndup()), > > Hmm. 'gnulib-tool --with-tests --create-testdir --dir=dir xstrndup', then > configuring that directory on mingw, did not fail. So I'm not reproducing > the failure. Yes, it's because of the way how patch uses gnulib -- it still has a static copy. I was trying to get it to build on most systems before ripping out the static copy, switching to automake, using gnulib as intended, etc. Apparently I got several things wrong when trying that. Any help towards fixing this up properly would be highly appreciated! > Is GNU patch properly using the string.in.h replacement header? No, I was trying to get things running without pulling in another dozen files from gnulib. Thanks, Andreas
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