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[Bug-readline] readline eats previous text on line

From: Jon Wilson
Subject: [Bug-readline] readline eats previous text on line
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 22:41:10 -0500
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Using guile 1.8, which uses readline, I find that if I make a call to
readline("prompt: ");
that anything I have already output on the current line is deleted and replaced with "prompt: ". If I call
then I get a completely blank line.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the internals of guile and how it uses readline exactly. I'm guessing that when I make the scheme call
(readline "prompt: ")
that the above is the equivalent in C. It seems to be the case, based on the description in the readline programmers manual of the readline function's behavior vs the behavior of my guile call (they are the same).

Is this (eating the beginning of the line) correct behavior? If so, how can I change it?

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