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[Bug-readline] rl_erase_empty_line bug

From: Lauri Karttunen
Subject: [Bug-readline] rl_erase_empty_line bug
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 23:57:12 PST

This is about readline-5.2.

The documentation says:

Variable: int rl_erase_empty_line
Setting this to a non-zero value causes Readline to completely erase the current line, including any prompt, any time a newline is typed as the only character on an otherwise-empty line. The cursor is moved to the beginning of the newly-blank line.

However, I don't see this happening as described. The default setting of 'rl_erase_empty_line' is 0 but the actual behavior suggests a non- zero setting. Toggling the value of 'rl_erase_empty_line' at initialization seems not to have any effect.

-- LK

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